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Affiliate Sales

In the vast world of home improvement and security solutions, Wayne Fence has carved its unique niche, emerging as a symbol of quality, trust, and reliability. As we’ve grown and built fences across countless homes, offering safety, aesthetics, and a touch of personal style, we’ve recognized the importance of community and partnerships in amplifying our message.

Introducing the Wayne Fence Affiliate Sales Program—a golden opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to be a part of our journey and grow alongside us. We’re not just offering a chance to earn; we’re opening the gates to a partnership built on mutual respect, trust, and shared success.

By becoming a Wayne Fence affiliate, you’re aligning yourself with a brand that homeowners recognize and love. Every recommendation you make carries with it the weight of our legacy. For every homeowner you introduce to our world of quality fencing, you earn a commission. But it’s more than just a transactional relationship. It’s about trust, and Wayne Fence ensures that this trust is rewarded.

Our affiliates enjoy a range of benefits, from access to marketing materials, training on our product range, to dedicated support ensuring they’re equipped to succeed. Plus, the transparent tracking system ensures you’re always in the know about your referrals and earnings.

But beyond the tangible benefits, being a Wayne Fence affiliate means being a part of stories. Think about the joy in a child’s eyes as they play safely in their yard, or the satisfaction of homeowners as they admire the enhanced beauty and security of their abode. With every referral, you’re not just introducing a product; you’re setting the stage for memories.

So, if you have a platform, whether it’s a blog, a community, or a local network, and you believe in the values and quality that Wayne Fence represents, let’s collaborate. 

Join the Wayne Fence Affiliate Sales Program, and let’s transform homes, one fence at a time, while ensuring a rewarding experience for you.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Sign up for the referral program via the form below.
  • We will contact you to confirm your enrollment into our referral program.
  • When you refer a friend or colleague to our fencing services, and they sign a contract with Wayne Fence, we will give you $250 for each contract you refer to us.
  • The $250 payment only applies if the referral translates into a contracted project by Wayne Fence.
  • Funds are available immediately via check after the confirmed sale.




Wayne Fence Affiliate Sales Onboarding Process

1. Application Review: Thoroughly vet all affiliate applications to ensure alignment with Wayne Fence’s values and standards.

2. Welcome Kit Dispatch: Provide new affiliates with a comprehensive package containing brand guidelines, promotional materials, and a detailed introduction to our product range.

3. Dedicated Onboarding Session: Arrange an orientation webinar or meeting to walk affiliates through the program’s specifics, expectations, and best practices.

4. Product Training: Offer in-depth training on Wayne Fence’s product range, benefits, and unique selling points to ensure accurate and effective promotion.

5. Access to Marketing Assets: Grant affiliates access to a digital portal stocked with banners, promotional videos, and other marketing materials for seamless promotion.

6. Affiliate Dashboard Tutorial: Guide affiliates on how to use the personalized dashboard for tracking referrals, commissions, and payments.

7. Commission Structure Breakdown: Clearly explain the commission rates, bonus structures, and payment timelines.

8. Support Channels Introduction: Ensure affiliates are aware of dedicated support channels—be it email, chat, or phone—for any queries or assistance.

9. Collaborative Promotion Planning: Work together to identify potential promotional opportunities, whether through content, social media, or events.

10. Feedback Loop Setup: Establish regular check-ins to gather feedback, answer queries, and assist with any challenges.

11. Continuous Education: Keep affiliates updated on any new product launches, updates, or changes to the program.

12. Community Integration: Introduce new affiliates to the broader Wayne Fence affiliate community, fostering collaboration and shared growth.

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